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Praxi Data

An enterprise software has automated data catalog pre-trained by experts

Project Summary

Praxi Data is a big data company that has an automated data catalog pre-trained by experts. It accelerates workflow for AI model training and builds better curriculums faster. I worked with other designers and stakeholders to create a seamless user experience. I designed the data asset section, including the overview screen, the fields and the discussion page. The data workers could obtain the asset information here and check the reviews and discussions from other users.

Design Roles

Design Roles

UX Design
Visual Design


Design Deliverables

User Flows
Visual Design

Skills and Tools

Skills & Tools


Problem &


Data workers need a place to check integrated information of certain data assets, including but not limited to the fields, tags, discussions, and etc.


I designed the data asset composition group. The user could browse the basic information from the overview page, and review the fields, properties, discussions, and complex objects by checking the different tabs. For the field section, I created the inspector view and the full browser view for the variety of user needs. For the discussion segment, users not only can view the discussion and reviews, but can reply and share comments.


Research &

In order to better visualize data, I referred to the material design system, carbon design system, and the book written by Stephen Few. The color palette has to be harmonious and match our brand colors as well. Pairing with the global data table component which I created on the basis of material design, the field section displays domain tags, field properties, patterns and comments.

Teamed up with other designers and stakeholders, we whiteboarded the user flows and wireframes. Users need a discussion section to check and create posts, topics and reviews related to this asset.

Color Exp Whiteboard Sketch

User Testing &

Insights Panel

I have generated four kinds of designs for the insights panel. Considering the fitness of the banner and the brand demonstration, we chose the last design with the logo of Praxi Data on it. The stakeholder specifically advised the significance of branding.

Insights Panel

Rich Description

We’d like users to add as many details as they can to describe an asset. So the description section could potentially be very long. The user could reach to the full description, the rich description, by clicking “read more”. Though the first and second versions have better readability, the final design balanced the description with the tag section, and kept the design consistent.

Rich Description

Review Chart

We use stars and bar charts to visualize the user reviews. The first thought was keeping stars and the chart the same color. However, our access green(#95E600) was too bright for large area use, and didn’t match well with our hyperlink access pink (#C909CD). The access pink has the same problem on extensive usage. So we pair the primary blue and the access pink at last obtained the balance and saliency.

Review Chart

Zero State

After stakeholders’ prompt, we added the zero state sections, which I overlooked before.

Zero State

Visual Design

After several rounds of discussion and design review, we decided to take the following design approach.

Mobile Homepage Screen
Mobile Dashboard Screen
Mobile Sign in Screen
Mobile Forgot PW Screen
Discussion Posts
Discussion Topics
Discussion Topics Thread
Discussion Topics Reply
Discussion Reviews


What I learned

Most enterprise applications are complex, scalable, distributed, component-based, and mission-critical. With enterprise tools, we are building products that help organizations and their employees do their work better. I’ve learned to simplify the complexity. Starting from brainstorming to stakeholder testing, I collaborate with other designers and product managers to design seamless experience. Instead of jumping straight into Figma, I took time to sort out the context and implications of what I am about to design. By reading data science materials and studying competitors' products, I have gained knowledge and experience of designing enterprise software and visualizing data validly.


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