Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity,
because if you're passionate about something, then you're more willing to take risks.
Yo-Yo Ma

Three years ago, when I picked up the painting brush, I realized things had to be changed.

When I was a child...

I like drawing from a very early age. I drew the cartoon and comic with my best friend when we were in elementary school. We created a character who was a teenage girl and a super detective with purple eyes and blond hair. Yes, purple eyes… I don’t remember the character’s name, but that must be the earliest girl power awareness of my friend and I. We went to different middle schools and my passion of art was repressed because of the heavy schoolwork and the pressure of getting into college.

20 years later...

I selected accounting as my major and even got a master degree the last. I like the analysis and logic behind this field, and keeping a book clean and balanced always makes me fulfilled. However, deep down inside me, the flame of art has never been extinguished. I started sketching and drawing with charcoal and colored pencil in my spare time.

Three years ago, I joined a painting studio and got to know a lot of like-minded friends. We got together and painted every Sunday. That’s when I wanted to switch career. That career can give me a chance to be creative and allow me to play to my analytical and organizational skills. Now I’m here. I found that career.

My observational and analytical ability which developed through years of accounting work help find out design problems and solve them. Then, my art experience help turn my thoughts into reality.